This website presents a number of earlier works, to serve as an historical baseline and offer perspective.  An artist's professional growth is a collaborative process, involving family, the creative community, and viewers.  Your comments are welcome.

David Imse Fine Art

The Red Box

Artist Background

I have always enjoyed drawing and creating. In my early 20’s I shared my interest in art with a family member who was an artist. He spontaneously and enthusiastically took the initiative to provide me with art supplies, instruction in the form of lesson books from his own art education, and ongoing encouragement. Though my chosen career took me in a different direction, I’ve called myself an artist ever since. Occasional workshops and classes have supplemented those initial lessons. Several years ago I transitioned from my first career in health care to a career in art. Along the way, and in my turn, I have tried to encourage and support others with similar simmering artistic interests.

Like most artists, I have played with many media and have produced sculpture, drawing and painting. With the intention of improving my artistic proficiency, I have narrowed my focus to oil painting. I enjoy the physical fluidity of the painting process, as well as the patience and forgiveness of the medium. Although I have produced landscapes and still life, I find myself drawn to depicting the human form in action, and faces in expression. Each personal experience has a story. My goal as an artist is to immerse the viewer in that reality.