David Imse Fine Art

My Motivation

      I enjoy the process of creativity, as well as the analytical aspects of art for its challenges. The topics of my recent work are inspired by real or imagined episodes of human events.  I try to have the artwork present a narrative in process; essentially a glimpse of something in transition. This may range from a captured moment to a complex anecdote. I then portray the idea through both visual and emotional concepts. These concepts becomes the framework for the composition. I use a variety of source materials to sketch out ideas, including props, drawings and photographs. A model or physical collage of the piece is often created. The implied emotional tone may range from dark and brooding to whimsical, but most importantly is subject to the individual interpretation of the viewer.  During the creative process I consider not only value, color and composition, but also body language, symbolism, stereotypes, cultural expectations, and emotional triggers. I enjoy the challenge of depicting the human form with its ever changeable manifestations. I attempt to portray physical characteristics that suggest behavioral or emotional qualities. Rather than reporting an outcome, each work tries to ask the question “what happens next?”  The next step in the narrative is built upon the viewer’s own experiences and expectations. In a sense, each work is unfinished, inviting the viewer to speculate and continue the story as they imagine it.

     Art has the ability to communicate on several levels. Strong subject matter may connect viscerally, eliciting responses from revulsion to attraction. Composition can draw us in or push us away. Colors can have their own shared primordial meaning, or carry a particular significance to an individual. The implication of an included cultural icon may be lost or misunderstood by the uninitiated. Using drawing and oil paint, I attempt to create works that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also communicate with the heart. Ideally, the work is felt as well as seen.